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Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 Media (Artifact paper) Mario Palomino Student ID: 1760440 BUSB 340 – Robert Liljenwall Due Date: February 23 2014 What hell is a Nintendo? I got my first video game console in the summer of 1991. My parents purchased it from SEARS for my birthday and at which point I had no idea what it was. A couple of the kids and their parents knew that it was and were shocked that my parents spend $100 dollars on something like that. It was still in the box until one afternoon I came home from school. I set it up in the living room, only room with a television. Popped in Super Mario Bros, this simple 8-bit game would change the entertainment industry. I did not become a fanboy until I attend Florida A&M. Besides my…show more content…
PS4 only other competition is Nintendo’s Wii U. Nintendo since GameCube focused more on younger gamers because it could not keep up with the mature rating games that both Sony and Microsoft released. With Nintendo taking a back step, PS4 only real competition was Xbox One. Playstation 4 has not looked back since their launch date. By early February 2014 they have sold over five million units, compare to Xbox One three million units. History of Microsoft’s gaming console Late 2001 Microsoft took its first steps in the gaming industry. They announced their first gaming console to the world Xbox. Not since 1996 has, an American company offered a gaming console. By early 2002, Xbox completed with all of the sixth generation console Nintendo's GameCube, Sega's Dreamcast and Sony's Playstation 2. In all honestly, Microsoft only real threat was Sony's Playstation 2; as both consoles were designed for the advanced gamer. With the launch of Xbox, Microsoft also ventures into the world of online gaming, with their service Xbox Live. Unlike Sony's Playstation 2 and Sega's Dreamcast, Xbox Live charged a fee to play online against players across the world and gave subscribers the ability to download gaming content to gamers. Like the other two consoles, gamers were required to have their own broadband connection. Before Xbox discontinued, it has sold 24 million units worldwide. Four later after the successful launch of Xbox,
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