The Movie, Islam Empire Of Faith And Islam Essay

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This paper will be divided into two parts, one about the documentary we watched in class before and the lecture we had learned. For the first part, we watched the movie, Islam Empire of Faith and it talked mainly about Muhammad, how Islam was formed, and the ottomans. I never really learned anything about Islam but I frequently heard some rumors about the Middle East and the Islam but when I watched the movie, I felt I learned a lot from the movie because there were a lot of important information and I am surprised to know that they have so long history just like us but much complicated. I was not really surprised but more like I thought it is ridiculous that Muhammad was the messenger of God and the angel came to him in a cave. But, I am not trying to be mean but seriously? I thought it was weird because I never would have thought of any angels coming to you and told you that you would be the messenger of God’s. It kind of reminds me of Virgin Mary, she was approached by an angel, Gabriel and was told that she would be pregnant with God’s baby. Since Muhammad was the messenger of God’s and I was not really shocked to learn that Muhammad was needed to be removed soon, and run him out of town that villagers think. I learned that when I was practicing and studying to be a Roman Catholic when I was little. I felt that story is a lot similar to what I had learned back then, maybe it was about Muhammad. I don’t really remember whether it was really him or not because I

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