The Movie ' It 's A Girl '

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The film “It’s a Girl” is about gendercide in India and China. Gendercide is when cultures either abort, kill, abandon, or neglect girls because of preferences to have sons. Cultures where this is common favor males over females because males bring strength and wealth to the family or provide care for their elderly parents. Boys also take the family name and pass it on to their children. Another reason that males are favored is because of marriage traditions. A marriage tradition called dowry is where the bride’s family pays the groom’s family in property and other wealth. Families do not want to have daughters because they will lose their wealth and their little girl to the husband’s family. India and China are both countries where gendercide is a widespread problem and they both have different policies and cultures that attribute to gendercide. India’s culture attributes to gendercide and the government does have laws in place to prevent it, but the laws are not enforced. However, China has the One-Child policy which is the reason for gendercide in the country.
In India, there are several ways of how the culture attributes to gendercide. Gendercide is happening in India mostly because of dowry and greed. Why have a daughter when you have to pay such a large sum to marry her off? It seems more logical to have sons to keep your wealth and then gain more wealth when your sons marry. Women must also worry about gendercide even into adulthood. Women are killed for not

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