The Movie ' Juice '

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In the film Juice, there were four black teenage boys named Que, Raheem, Steals, and Bishop. They lived in Harlem, New York, were poverty has been an issue the past few decades. In Harlem there was a lot of crime, gang activity, drug abuse, shooting, and homicides among the black community. Each of the young men were living in a single parent household in a worn down neighborhood where they faced conflict with other local gang members from different racial backgrounds. Que was a local disc jockey trying to become known in the music industry. He and his friends would frequently skip school and go to a local hang-out spot where criminal activity took place. All four young men were involved in some form of petty/property crime around Harlem. They so much as skipped class to steal music albums from a small record store in their neighborhood. Bishop is one of Que’s best friends; they were so close people knew them as brothers around the hood. Out of all the four men, Bishop was the only one with two parents in the household. Even with both parents, Bishop was mostly involved in crime. He did not have a very strong bond with his father which took a toll on his relationship with other people. Bishop used his time at the hang-out spot to sell drugs; he made sure to carry a weapon and was always fighting with other gang members, he had a hard time fitting into society. In the movie Bishop stated, “I’m tired of running from police, I’m tired running from Chris (which
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