The Movie ' K Pax '

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The film K-Pax is a movie which asks its audience to come to their own conclusion. On one hand, it asks that belief be suspended in order to believe in the fantastical tale of an extraterrestrial named Prot who has come to Earth as an observer, on the other hand it asks us to see through the facade of the man calling himself Prot and to see the underlying cause of this individuals psychotic break. There is no right or wrong way to approach this film, however, an analytical approach is taken in order to flesh out the characters, what motivates them, and causes for their possible psychoses.
Found wandering grand central station, Robert Porter is taken into police custody when he claims to be from another planet. Calling himself Prot and his home-planet “K-PAX”.
Thinking him to be just some “crazy person" the police officer delivers him to a mental institution. Prot does not seem to be a danger to himself or others, in fact he is a very friendly individual — although strange. While in the mental institution he encounters Dr. Mark Powell, a psychiatrist, who is trying to help him; although, throughout the entirety of the film he tends to doubt his own explanations for Prot condition. During his time in the institution Prot also encounters patients: Ernie, Maria, Sal, and Bess just to name a few. All of which have psychological disorders of their own ranging from extreme phobias to dissociative identity disorder. Throughout his stay in the Manhattan Institute Prot helps the…
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