The Movie Lawrence Of Arabia

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In the movie “Lawrence of Arabia,” director David Lean portrays the real-life story of British Lieutenant T. E. Lawrence. Lawrence, an incredibly multifaceted gentleman who was characterized just about any name from madman to brilliant, shined during his daring encounters in the Arab world during the first World War. The story of Lawrence begins when he is killed in a crash while on his motorcycle, then rewinds to recap his adventures in the Arab world. Lawrence was assigned to oversee the Arab revolution against the Turks due to his extensive knowledge of the region. While in the desert, Lawrence finds Prince Faisal, then with the aid of the Prince in addition to Sherif Ali, they mount impressive attacks over the span of two years against the Turks. The attacks involved several raids, train attacks also surprise attacks on camels. The attack on the fortified Turkish port of Aqaba, was considered impossible. It was considered as such due to the arduous journey through the harsh desert. After crossing the arduous desert along with the actions taken during the journey, Lawrence cemented his legitimacy among the Arabs specifically after obtaining allies in the process. While in the end, he is victorious, it came at personal expenses to Lawrence himself as he was captured along with being tortured during the events. The movie ends with Lawrence being promoted to Colonel then sent back to England. While Lawrence had many moments of success throughout his time in the
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