The Movie ' Let The Right One '

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Let the Right One In, is a wonderful film that captures positive qualities from Carmilla and achieves what Twilight so desperately attempts. In many ways this film is an adaptation of Carmilla, highlighting the friendship between a vampire and younger child. In both stories, the human struggles internally with their strong feelings towards the vampire, and their moral obligated to hate them. “In both cases, the protagonist struggles with a strong attraction to the vampire coupled with a moral repulsion to the vampire’s nature and behavior” (Ridenhour). In comparison with Twilight, Let the Right One In tells a story of love with no barriers. “Prefers to help rather than hurt the person who is suppose to be their prey” (Tyree). In both stories, the vampires repeatedly push the human away, only to grow a stronger attraction. Though the human knows or at least has a hunch their new friend is not human, this does not sway their attraction. The difference is, in Twilight, Edward’s secret is that he is a vampire, in Let the Right One In, Eli’s secret is not that he is vampire, but that he is a boy. This is subtlety shown in the movie when Eli’s castration is briefly shown. In the book it is told, “Eli was turned (into a vampire) in the 18th century by a vampire who castrated him and drank the blood from the wound” (Ridenhour). In all three stories, there is a tale told of complete loneliness, whether it’s Laura’s isolation from the outside world, Bella’s feelings of being an
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