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I chose to watch the movie Elizabeth as she has always been of great interest to me. Elizabeth became queen on the heels over her half sister Mary, who is portrayed as not the brightest person to rule a kingdom. During this time women were the inferior sex and were not thought to be bright or of sturdy enough stock to successfully rule a kingdom. The movie portrays Elizabeth as she is coming into herself amidst religious angst, scandal, and her own broken heart. Religion is the very thing that many people will fight for, their beliefs, their God. As the movie begins, the country is fighting amongst two religions, the Catholics and the Protestants. Elizabeth almost lost her own life simply since she was Protestant while most of the country is Catholic. After a plot to kill the Queen Mary is thwarted, the members of the court decide to blame Elizabeth due to her religious beliefs varying from the Catholic faith. As Elizabeth was brought to the castle for interrogation, we can see the horror of just how bad the fighting between Protestants and Catholics was. A woman is punched in the face by a guard, men are beaten, and children are run over as if their lives didn’t matter and all because of a different belief system. In another scene of the movie, a priest beats a man to death in a pool of water because of the man allegiance to his true master. It always makes me take a step back to see priests, or men of the cloth, actively defying the Bible and the word of God they are supposed to live by. The violence that occurs in this film in the name of God is concerning and eye opening. Elizabeth quickly realizes that she must do something to unite her kingdom and stop the fighting amongst themselves if they are to avoid another country coming in to conquer England. Elizabeth understood how important religion was to her people and wanted them to be able to practice it without being punished, without dividing England. The politics of being the correct religion and the correct sex come through in this film. Besides religion, politics are the basis of the movie. When Elizabeth is first crowned Queen, she is not comfortable in the role and takes the advice of the very men who are working against her. In one scene, Norfolk

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