The Movie, Maddie, The Writers Address The Audience By Creating A Argument

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In Chevrolet’s commercial, “Maddie,” the writers address the audience by creating a seemingly lighthearted argument. The commercial provides an example of a basic, direct argument; a datum, a claim, and a warrant, should the intended audience feel so motivated by the commercial. The rhetor for the Chevrolet advertisement ignores the idea of academic background information and combines pisteis, presentational elements, ideational aspects, and a story that attempts to motivate the audience to feel a necessity for meaningful relationships within their own lives. The commercial presents a direct argument situation. The events of the commercial do not provide much backing information about how the car runs or what extra special features the car has; it only provides an emotional and uplifting short story to force the audience into believing in the reliability of the car. By juxtaposing the car with something that most of the general population connects with, the audience will more than likely feel persuaded into believing in the product. This particular discourse assumes the audience’s emotional connection with pets or familial relationships and lays out the reasoning as to why the audience needs that particular car. Through the presentation of the central claim, the commercial, effectively yet simply, portrays the argument in a way that leads the audience to feel a certain way. The rhetor behind this commercial attempts to make the claim, supported by the datum that the car

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