The Movie ' Moonlight ' By Barry Jenkins

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Imagine if you go outside your front door and you look left. There are two people dealing cocaine. You look right and there is someone being robbed with a gun. The movie Moonlight tells a story about a kid named Chiron who was different from everyone else, because he is different he got picked on and got taken advantage by everyone else including his mother, Paula. When Chiron had an opportunity to start all over he pretended to be someone he wasn’t so he could survive and be respected by others. The film shows Chiron in the parts of his life, when he was a kid the others called him Little, throughout his teenage years he was called Chiron, and as an adult he was Black. The movie took place in Miami, Florida in the “hood” around the 1980’s…show more content…
In the scene where Chiron is driving around in his car with a man it is clearly visible that Chiron has changed. He is wearing baggy shorts with a tank top showing off his muscles and has a gold grill. He passes some hood members and he pulls out a pistol for protection. This proves if Chiron didn’t adapt and become “tough” then he would’ve still been taken advantage of and probably killed. Another very important scene within the movie is when he meets his mother when he is older. His mother emphasizes “I messed up. I fucked it all the way up. I know that. But yo’ heart ain’t gotta be black like mine baby.” This shows that Chiron’s mother knows she messed up and adapted to the way of life within their city and she is noticing that he is changing as well. This relates to society because in all different places around the world especially in dangerous areas, if the people who live within those areas adapt to the lifestyle than they could be in huge danger. Violence has a major existence in these areas which is a big cause of people needing to adapt, “In communities where gangs thrive, violence and intimidation are common occurrences…Other behaviors in which gang members engage that present serious threat to law abiding communities include assault with deadly weapons, home invasion, arson, intimidation of victims and witnesses, and car theft. Moreover, respectable residents are confronted by a growing street culture that increase community

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