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My Sister’s Keeper The movie “My Sister’s Keeper,” is based on the best-selling novel by Jodi Picoult; it explores the medical, legal, and ethical issues that pose a dilemma not revealed until the very end of the movie. The director, Nick Cassavetes, plays out an honest story that overwhelms his audience with waves of emotion by illustrating the daily battles of a young, genuine, and sincere cancer patient. Although an unfamiliar story to most, Mr. Cassavetes is able to grasp a sense of realism in the process of telling such a heartfelt and unfortunate life story of this cancer patient, Kate (Sofia Vassilieva). In short, Cassavetes tells a story that entails a family distorted by the leukemia of their first born daughter, Kate, whose…show more content…
Whenever a part of Kate’s body fails, Anna’s parents immediately offer up the needed part of Anna's body for donation. The focus seems to all be on Kate but the family forgets to consider Anna’s feelings. It does not occur to them, specifically the mother, Sara, that Anna, too, is unable to lead a normal life. Anna must always “be there” for her sister but Sara is so blinded by having to do anything in order to keep Kate alive she does not realize how far under the bus she has thrown Anna. The peak of this snowballing conflict is when Kate turns fifteen and one of her kidneys fail. This time, however, Anna is unwilling to donate her kidney. The technique producer’s sometimes use is havignt he character reveal a thought along with a scene but nothing is really being said. This technique reveals information to the audience without interfering with the plot of the story; a way of foreshadowing. “Has Anna been pushed too far without having say to the rights of her own body? Has her family neglected she has been in and out of the hospital even at times getting sick from birth giving away blood and marrow to her sister.” This is the backdrop question when Anna goes to attorney, Campbell Alexander (Alec Baldwin), to sue her parents for “medical emancipation,” or the rights to her own body. This is the battle of the entire movie, is saving Kate’s life at the expense of

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