The Movie ' Nerve '

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The movie Nerve depicts a game similar to truth or dare, but without the truth. When someone joins the game, they participate as either a watcher or a player. Watchers pay to gain access to live broadcasts of players performing dares, and for the ability to suggest dares. Players earn money for each dare they complete successfully, but can lose it all if they fail to complete a dare. The game operates on the dark web, shared with others via a special link and emphasizes not disclosing its operation to law enforcement. Nerve follows the story of high school senior and resident of Staten Island Vee Delmonico as she transforms from art school applicant to internet superstar in one night by joining the game and completing dares. She quickly…show more content…
Not only does this illustrate how information gleaned from social media influences decisions, but it eludes to the idea that Nerve has few limits in regard methods for metastasizing its own user base and retaining existing users. This opens discussion on how social media platforms use advanced algorithms to show users content that interests them and keep them coming back to the platform, almost as of addicted. Nerve proves that the influences are strong enough to create a romantic relationship, or interpreted more symbolically, the power to control major life decisions. Next, forcing players to compete in the public arena attracts a great deal of attention to the game. Curiosity causes people to investigate the game: if they join as watchers, they will likely want to share the game with their friends; joining as players may have the same effect, but could also create a more ubiquitous, version of the game, causing exponential growth purely through exposure. Nerve’s only purpose is to grow, because more users implies more money. Social media platforms in general exists to sell advertisements, and advertisers will pay more to reach a larger audience. By becoming a source of information and entertainment, the platform keeps current users as recurrent visitors. They access the platform more often, which makes non-users curious the fascination
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