The Movie : Noah And The Bible Story

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For my essay I will be analyzing the similarities and differences between the interpretations of Noah the film: Noah (Paramount Pictures and Regency Enterprises, 2014) and the bible story. Writer-director Darren Aronofsky, was brought up with a Jewish education and a deep fascination in the story of Noah 's ark it took him over 15 years to get the film afloat. But with all biblical movies there is always some type of controversy and unfortunately it even comes from people who have never even seen the movie. The intended audience of the film is unclear, which I find a little weird because I expected the audience to Christians and people of the Jewish faith who know the story of Noah. The beginning two and a the half minutes into the movie describes the beginning of the Book of Genesis including creation, the original sin, the curse of Cain, and anything preceding Noah. The movie continues with Noah as a child, on a hill with his father Lamech, who is about to give him an important heirloom - the skin of the original serpent from Eden- which has been passed down. Then suddenly, a large group of people led by a young king named Tubal-Cain, who wants to make that land into a mine approaches Lamech. Seeing Noah’s father, Tubal-Cain kills him and takes the serpent 's skin, while Noah runs. In the bible it doesn 't say anything about passing on a snake 's skin or even that Noah’s father had spoken to him. In the bible the story begins with the line of the descendents of Cain
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