The Movie ' One Night On Halloween '

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Entry #5 One night on Halloween, when Jeannette was only ten years old, she felt someone run their hand over her private parts. At first she thought it was Lori moving in her sleep, but then she heard a man speak. She yelled and Brian came running into their room with a hatchet that he kept by his bed and the man ran out the unlocked door. Their dad was not home that night and their mom was a very deep sleeper so Jeannette and Brian chased him down the street. A few weeks after the Halloween incident, their dad thought that the kids were getting used to city life too much so he took them all to the zoo for the first time. They made their way over to the cheetah exhibit. The author’s dad stepped over the chain and went by the fence opposite…show more content…
The cheetah turned his head and put his moist nose up against my hand. Then his big pink tongue unfolded from his mouth, and he licked my hand. I gasped. Dad opened my hand and held my fingers back. The cheetah licked my palm, his tongue warm and rough, like sandpaper dipped in hot water. I felt all tingly” (Walls 109). This shows some of the author’s writing style as she deeply describes something that happened to her as a child. She vividly paints a picture in the reader’s mind and gives similes to help explain how something felt or looked like. There are many instances throughout the memoir that are as descriptive as this situation. After this incident, however, the author’s family was kicked out of the zoo. It was also around that time that their father lost his job. And then a second job and a third. Money started to deteriorate and eventually they ran out of food. Entry #6 The following Christmas, the Walls family was limited when it came to money. However, that was not going to stop them from having one of the best Christmas they have ever had. Each of the kids got a dollar to spend at the thrift store. They got most of their Christmas money from when their dad came home extremely drunk. He would be on a rampage, breaking windows and dishes, until he got rid of all his anger. When he was finished breaking these items, he would collapse and the author would pick up the house because even when her father woke up, he still would not clean up his mess,
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