The Movie Out There and Advertising of Canadian Beer

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In today’s market of technology and visual stimulation it becomes more and more important for advertising campaigns to stand out and be innovative, and it is this idea that drove one Canadian beer company to do something that had never been done before. In light of waning interest, Kokanee, owned by the Labatt Brewing Company, enlisted the help of Toronto based Grip advertising agency to (with its entire yearly marketing budget) create something really big for there next campaign. Grip’s innovative response to this challenge was to do something completely new and create an ad in the form of a full-length feature film, which they would call: “The Movie Out Here”

The Movie Out There is a ninety-minute Canadian indie film created as an entertaining alternative to traditional advertising. The film follows three friends on their quest to save a business in the small skiing town of Fernie, British Columbia by hosting a huge party. Along their journey they encounter characters and sub plots that stem from Kokanee’s long running advertising narrative of the Kokanee Ranger. This narrative chronicles the attempts of the Ranger and the Kokanee Girls to safe guard the Kokanee beer from the Sasquatch who continuously tries to steal it. These brand mascots are ever present in the film, although slightly revamped. The Ranger becomes a duo of rangers consisting of two young men: “Glacier” and “Fresh” who became the new mascots for Kokanee after the original ranger was killed off. Their

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