The Movie ' Platoon '

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I 'm writing about four films, Platoon by Oliver Stone, Drone by Robert Glickert, Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly, and finally Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg. These four films all fit into the theme, which is the blurring of morality. This theme relates to these movies though revenge, drug use, and questionable orders made by people in command. I will first be discussing how revenge fits into the theme. I have purposely chosen to talk about revenge first because I believe that more can be learnt from drug use or questionable orders. After discussing revenge I will then talk about drug use and finally discuss how questionable orders fits into the theme. I believe that we can learn the most from questionable orders, making it the most important. One of the main links between the films Platoon and Drone is how people, or is this case soldiers, seek revenge against their enemy. In Platoon this greed for revenge is shown when U.S. marines discover a village with, “enough rice to feed an entire regiment,” of North Vietnamese soldiers. With this information some U.S. soldiers can 't see anything wrong with raping and violently assaulting members of the new enemy village. This is where the blurring of morality comes into effect in Platoon, some U.S. soldiers feel it 's okay to now treat villages like “animals,” just because they were caught helping the North Vietnamese. In Drone this greed for revenge is shown when a U.S. commander orders soldiers in the field to execute
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