The Movie ' Pleasantville '

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Pleasantville is a movie where significant change occurs based on the theories of social change. In the movie, the TV show Pleasantville is set in the 1950’s and everything and everyone in that show is in black and white. And being that they’re set in the 1950’s the have the same outdated morals, values and beliefs that are associated with 1950’s culture. However, the town of Pleasantville slowly but surely turns into colour when they go against their societal norms and beliefs and have sex, read, paint, express emotions and many other things. Pleasantville portrays a town that is ready and is in need of social change and how social changes are required for humanity to progress. One could say that the colour changes in Pleasantville are viewed as a bad thing because it would mean that you broke a societal value or norm in Pleasantville where everything is always perfect. However, David and Jennifer prove to the locals that the colour change is anything but bad and how it allows them to express every facet of their minds and not be stuck in the same roles and routines day in and day out. These sociological, anthropological and psychological changes are needed when trying to move forward as a society and Jennifer and David have helped Pleasantville expand their horizons. Psychologically speaking the people in Pleasantville knew in their minds that they wanted some type of change they just did not know how to go about deviating from the norm and were not exposed to anything

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