The Movie Rain Maker : Rudy Explaining Why He Became A Lawyer

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The movie Rain Maker begins with Rudy explaining why he became a lawyer. The movie portrays Rudy Baylor, a young prospective lawyer, trying to make it in the legal world. In the movie Rainmaker, director Francis Ford Coppola has managed to create a back-room atmosphere populated by convincing characters bent on corrupting the professions of law and insurance. The Beginning of the movie focuses on Rudy Baylor who just graduated from Law School at Memphis state. Upon graduation, Prince Thomas introduced Rudy to a very fraudulent and unethical lawyer by the name of Bruiser Stone. Para lawyer named Deck Shifflet who works at Bruisers firm assists Rudy. Deck admits to have practiced law without having his license or passing the bar exam. After…show more content…
He was handled an open and shut case against Great Benefit, a large insurance company by the Blacks. The Black 's son, Donny Ray, had leukemia but could have been saved had he gotten a bone marrow transplant in time. The only obstacle to Donny Ray’s survival is the insurance company, Great Benefit, which refused to pay for the costly transplant procedure. Great Benefit denies the claim several times, and each denial is grounded on a variety of blatantly bad-faith reasons. Great Benefit claims that the leukemia was a pre-existing condition, that Donny Ray is an adult emancipated from his parents that the policy covered only household members, and alternatively, that bone marrow transplants are experimental. It even sent a letter to the Blacks saying, "You must be stupid, stupid, stupid" for requesting coverage. Donny Ray ultimately succumbs to the leukemia and dies. The company denies every initial claim that crosses their desks and also fired people involved in the case. By deciding it was going to initially deny all claims, its managers had a present intention not to pay out under the insurance contract. I think that any corporate executive who instructed the corporation’s employees to deny all claims, regardless of the fact that some of the claims were legitimately covered under the policy, would be guilty of the criminal act of fraud, and could be jailed and/or fined. Drummond and his associates defend the insurance company, and also

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