The Movie ' Redwood Highway ' Release Essay

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The movie, Redwood Highway was release in April 2013. The main character, Marie Vaughan (Shirley Knight), is an older woman who resides in the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community in Oregon, alienated from her family and unhappy with her circumstances. Marie’s character is portrayed as a cantankerous, stubborn and lonely old woman. Marie aggrieved she was forced to be placed in the retirement community, Mountain Meadows, by her son, Michael. Marie takes a long walk to the downtown instead of around the retirement community grounds against the concerned son, Michael’s recommendation. Marie’s behavior may be perceived as she is rebellion toward her son, but I believe she is trying to maintain only independence she has left, being able to walk. As Quadagno explained personality influences the way an individual adapts to changes associated with normal aging. (Quadagno, 2013, pg. 169) In my opinion, Marie’s character portrayed a strongly proud woman who resisted losing independence.
The Movie, Redwood Highway, showed two stereotypes of aging from the Quadagno’s Aging and the life course: An introduction to social gerontology book. First, most retirees are lonely and depressed. Second, the aged are isolated from family members. (Quadagno, 2013, pg. 14) Marie believes she is thrown in an old people’s home by her son, Michael who treats her as she is incapable of making decisions and alienated from her family that made her unhappy with her circumstances. Marie didn’t seem to

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