The Movie Running Scared By Paul Walker

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The movie Running Scared (2006) with Paul Walker is full of ethical dilemmas from the start. Low-level thug Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) was supposed to dispose of “dirty guns” that were used to kill two police officers. Instead, he hid them in his basement to be found by Oleg, Joey’s son’s best friend and neighbor. Oleg’s stepfather was an abuser who came from the Russian mob. He abused his wife and Oleg on a daily basis so Oleg stole the gun to shoot his stepfather in order to save his mom and himself and he ran away after the incident. Joey needed to get the gun back in order to save his life since he was supposed to dispose of it since it was a wanted weapon. The police did not know what sort of weapon they were looking for. Once the men higher up in the Mafia than Joey got news that there was a shooting and the weapon might have been theirs, the heat was on. Joey spent all night trying to find Oleg which sent them both through an adventurous, scary trip. Ethics play a major role in this movie. The first ethical dilemma that the viewers are faced with is the fact that Oleg’s step father is abusive. He has no respect for Mila, Oleg’s mom. He beats her and starves Oleg. Oleg is seen as the growing boy in the house, not yet the man, but he wants to care for his mother and protect her. This poses a problem: he wants to save his mother but in order to do that he must “eliminate” his dad. Though his intentions are good his actions are illegal. He also stole the gun, which is

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