The Movie ' Scream Queens '

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From “Sons of Anarchy” to “Nip Tuck”, FX has created popular TV dramas over the years. However, none of them has had such significant popularity as Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story”, known for its blood and gore, and “Glee” known for its sharp social commentary. The creation of these TV series led to the drastic rise to stardom of Ryan Murphy’s career. Though “Glee’s” stint on TV has ended, it was a highly acclaimed series with high ratings. Today, “American Horror Story”, his project following “Glee”, is now one of TV’s highest rated series, which is an especially peculiar accomplishment for a TV series of this genre. Therefore, when the creation of a new horror TV series was announced, nothing but sheer greatness was expected.…show more content…
Similar to Sontag’s “Notes On Camp”, which “proposes a comic vision of the world” (Sontag 288), Ryan Murphy’s “Scream Queens” utilizes comedy to portray issues prevalent in society today. By “dethroning the serious” (Sontag 288) and being “playful” (Sontag 288) and “anti-serious” (Sontag 288), “Scream Queens” effectively accomplishes this feat. The TV series “Scream Queens”, deals with numerous social issues in society such as homosexuality, racism and eating disorders. However, through its comedy and lack of seriousness, this series is able to provide a sense of bluntness and harsh reality of these issues. By adopting this unique approach, this TV series’ use of comedy works, as it depicts these social issues in its true light, which many believe are non-existent, subsequently leading to society’s ability to tackle these issues directly and ‘head on’.
A serious issue of today’s society, which is referenced in the TV series “Scream Queens” is homophobia. In the show, actress Jenna Han who portrays the character Sam on the TV show, is bullied as a result of her sexuality. Other characters on the show nicknamed Sam “The Predatory Lez,’” as a result of Sam being a lesbian. The show attempts to highlight the struggles experienced by homosexuals in a comedic fashion. Nick Jonas’ character, Boone, like Jenna Han’s character, Sam, highlights the struggle homosexuals experience in an attempt to be accepted by society. Boone attempts to fit into a fraternity house by
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