The Movie ' The Box '

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The Game

The box itself paints itself as the front of a horror book from the 80s or 90s, with a low angle shot of an old house that is backlit by creepy green fog, and a full moon peers through the clouds. This game is meant to be horror, and the players are supposed to know exactly that going in.
Like a group of dumb kids who go into the abandoned house on their street, when setting up, each player finds themselves playing the role of one of 12 different people standing inside of the foyer a decrepit old mansion (presumably on a hill). The players then have the task of exploring said creepy mansion, uncovering tiles and finding items or events that happen in each of the rooms. The characters gain and lose some of their stats based on these events and items, allowing them to either become more powerful than they were initially upon entering the house, or it may end up killing their character if any of the stats reach zero. The other possible things a player might find when looking around the house are omens. These are like events, but the player has make a haunt roll that gets harder for each omen that gets uncovered. If the player fails the haunt roll, the second phase of the game begins.

The second phase incorporates the “betrayal” part of the name. The rules of the game select one of the players to be the traitor, based on what omen was drawn, and where. The player that was selected by the game goes off and reads their own version the the rules, while the rest
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