The Movie ' The Boys Of Summer '

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Originally named “The Boys of Summer”, The Sandlot is the most influential American film, it is a movie about the all American sport baseball, but in reality it is a movie about relationships and it uses baseball to tell the story. The movie does shows many different relationships some are unique to the 1960’s and some are timeless, some of the relationships shown include: a class struggle between the rich and the poor, changes in race relationships and, improvements in race relationships, it also demonstrates how poor kids can achieve success through baseball, changes in family structure, coming of age, and lastly but not least it exhibits the important life lesson of not judging only on physical appearance but by how you know them. The Sandlot is a movie that uses the sport of baseball as a vehicle to demonstrate the ability of people to achieve social equality in America. Baseball and boxing in the 1900’s through the 1980’s were America 's top sports. The movie takes place during the highest point of baseball 's popularity. Baseball and boxing was a way for the poor to rise to the middle and upper classes. Not only did it help people who did not have a lot of money, but it also helped different races to be level with whites. A well known baseball player named Jackie Robinson was a huge reason why black people are treated equal to white people. In the Sandlot, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez represented a Hispanic kid who was able to make it into major league…
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