The Movie ' The Boys Of Summer '

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Originally named “The Boys of Summer”, The Sandlot is the most influential American film, it is a movie about the all American sport baseball, but in reality it is a movie about relationships and it uses baseball to tell the story. The movie does shows many different relationships some are unique to the 1960’s and some are timeless, some of the relationships shown include: a class struggle between the rich and the poor, changes in race relationships and, improvements in race relationships, it also demonstrates how poor kids can achieve success through baseball, changes in family structure, coming of age, and lastly but not least it exhibits the important life lesson of not judging only on physical appearance but by how you know…show more content…
Also in the movie Scotty Smalls learns how to grow a relationship with his stepfather by trying to have a conversation with him every once in awhile. Lastly, Mr Murtle and Hercules represented the importance of getting to know someone before you make a judgment on them.
When baseball was first originated it was known to be an American sport, when actually it originated from two English sports. The first game was rounders, a game played between two teams, in this game there is a striker and a fielder team. Another game is cricket just like baseball each team takes its turn to bat in this game there are only eleven players in total. “Baseball popularity boomed in 1860 olympic club of Philadelphia wanted to stop playing British sports and play baseball instead. Harry Wright former cricket player wanted to form his own team so he gathered up nine other players and formed what was called the Cincinnati Red Stockings. But the average player did not earn more than 1,000 dollars a season”. (Johnston pg.4) The movie the Sandlot takes place in the summer of 1962. This was an important year for race relationships. In 1962, “President Kennedy sent troops to the University of Mississippi to force them to admit black student James Meredith against severe opposition” (Schlesinger, pg.562). At this same time, “by executive order, President Kennedy orders all federal
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