The Movie ' The Brothers Grimm '

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Tangled does a really good job making sure they don’t make Repunzel look weak and giving her a lot of power, but they totally forget about the male of the story Flynn Ryder. The Brothers Grimm on the other hand manage to have no masculine stereotypes for the prince but they make Repunzel look like a helpless lamb.

In the original Brothers Grimm fairytale Repunzel just agrees to marry a total stranger and has no second thoughts about such a plan. In Tangled she ties him up and hits him over the head with a frying pan. When he tries to smoochz her she hits him again. These opposite reactions have to do with the time period. If disney had come out with something with as bad of a message as the original Brothers Grimm everyone would have been really upset at the poor influence it had on young woman. It would have betrayed the out of date gender role that women are just waiting around to be acknowledged by the male. Tangled also couldn’t have gotten away with making Repunzel as, let 's say naive, as in the original. I mean seriously this girl is not smart. Since this is a bit of a bold claim here are some damning examples, “when you come, bring each time a silken rope and i will make a ladder, and when it is quite ready I will get down by it and out of the tower” you know what else works Repunzel? one long rope, cutting off your hair and tying it to the windowsill, even a clothes rope. Probably the biggest and most obvious statement leading to these allegations of
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