The Movie ' The Emperor 's Club '

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The movie, “The Emperor’s Club” tells a story concerning a passionate and principled teacher, Mr. Hundert, who finds his world a little shaken when a new student, Sedgewick Bell walks into his classroom. Mr. Hundert teaches at Saint Benedict, a private school for boys. The movie begins with Mr. Hundert stating that a man 's character is his faith and that for the most of us, our stories can be written before we die. This movie is very powerful, regarding principles, virtues, and ethics that revolve around a teacher. William Hundert is a highly virtuous man who loves what he does. He hopes that he has an impact on his student by his teachings and inspires his students to be ethical and moral. He teaches Roman and Greek civilization and truly enjoys it. Hundert believes that by teaching young boys at St. Benedict with influence, he will mold their characters into his life 's work. When Hundert meets a new student, Sedgewick Bell, things get complicated. Sedgewick is a young unhappy man, who is a troublemaker that cries out for attention with his behavior and claims to be a know it all. Hundert decides to meet with the boy 's father, who is a US Senate, in an effort to motivate his son who is having trouble at school but instead learns the cause of the problem. The father tells Hundert the limits of control over his son, states “You, sir, will not mold my son! I will mold him,” and that his only job is to teach him the facts out of a textbook not to influence him. Mr.…

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