The Movie ' The Golden Eagle '

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The moment did become better. South of us, soaring high in the sky appeared an eagle. Not a bald eagle, but perhaps a golden and it appeared to be closing in on our location as it dropped in altitude. Mesmerized, eyes locked in on the free bird, it ensued on a flight pattern directly at our position. The closer it moved in, the swifter it soared. Suddenly, the realization set in that it was too late to lunge for a camera. The bird rapidly appeared in such proximity the details of the underside wings were sharply in focus. Holly claims the bird’s flight pattern locked in on her, and I believe her. For a brief moment, an uncomfortable feeling besieged me as I couldn’t understand the bird’s intentions of being that close in flight. An actual goose bump or two appeared while a mild chill jettisoned down my back. It was captivating and eerie at the same time. The golden eagle flew directly over Holly swooshing past and soaring out over the ravine. If either Holly or I had hastily searched for a camera, we would have missed the amazing display of soaring free. As with Tim, Holly and I would also have missed the spectacle if we’d chosen to pursue the glacier. Locating Tim against the blended landscape became easier as he neared our location. Only a few minutes out, I developed an eagerness to hear a report of what he’d seen, and to what distance he managed to the glacier. His return marked a 45 minute absence and he mentioned the ice still remained roughly an hour from his reach.
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