The Movie ' The Help

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The film, The Help was a great movie but it was definitely an eye opener for me because as we research different eras we find that circumstances for Black women were always at the hands of someone else. Black women were referred to as Negros in this era and sometimes were called more derogatory names, that we need not mention. Blacks were not allowed to drink cokes, and were punished if they were caught drinking it. Unfortunately, Black women were mothers to their own children and they had to be mothers to the white children that they cared for. Black women had to leave their children with someone else while they cared for the white children. The mothers of those children were so busy doing book clubs, town meeting etc. that they didn’t have time to take care of their own children. When the children were in need of attention, most times it was the maid that coddled the children and make sure that they were taken care of. In the movie the white children depended on the maid more than their own parents. The parents only picked the children up once a day to spend time with them or to even talk to them. Even the fathers didn’t have time for the children and only saw them in passing as they were walking out the door. Black women potty trained the children that they cared for while the mothers carried on with their daily tasks. Even though Black women were treated unfairly, the white women often looked up to them and may have even asked for help with their

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