The Movie ' The Lincoln Lawyer '

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The movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” is a fictional law drama about a mildly shady defense attorney named Mickey Haller working in Los Angeles, California. When the film starts we come across Mickey who is requesting to talk to one of his clients for an upcoming case. From the initial interaction between him and his client, we can see what kind of person we are going to be watching for the rest of the film. Mickey is cut throat to the sense that he doesn’t take non-co-operative behavior from his clients. Following this scene, he is confronted by a biker gang which belongs to one of his clients. He is able to verbally subdue them while at the same time get a pay increase for his services. Mickey is a spiting example of a “Hustlers Poster Child”, doing what he needs to do to survive and provide for his family. We go on a journey through how twisted our legal system can truly be and how selective justice can be. It comes down to the truly skilled lawyers to make sure social injustices are correct or in Mickey’s case balanced out. Besides being a drama it is also very accurate in the portrayal of what it means to be a lawyer in multiple aspects such as confidentiality and procedures. There are important moments in the Lincoln lawyer that brings attention to certain important court procedures. The movie portraits the chronological order of court process accurately. They start with the opening statements between the prosecuting attorney and Mickey. Then they proceed with the witness
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