The Movie ' The Lincoln Lawyer '

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Social media has changed how generations view careers simply by the way actors portray those careers on television and in the movies. When watching a famous movie or television series about a career that one is interested in pursuing, one experiences an overly dramatized version of what their future career holds. For instance, in the movie, The Lincoln Lawyer, Matthew McConaughey portrays a successful lawyer named Mick Haller who defends a man accused of assaulting a prostitute. Although this movie does extremely well illustrating the responsibilities and duties of a lawyer, there are things that differ when compared to a lawyer in real-life. Other than the parts of the movie where the lawyer’s personal life is involved in the process of defending his client, all other aspects of an actual lawyer compared to the lawyer in this movie are the same in that both have to defend their client no matter the cost and both experience the same trial process while in court. The aspect that sets the lawyer in this movie apart from lawyers in real-life is how much the lawyer’s personal life is influenced in the process of defending his client. During the movie, Mick Haller’s personal life mixes with his professional life; however, an actual lawyer would never jeopardize their career by mixing business with pleasure. For example, at the beginning of the movie, Haller hires a man to act as a cameraman and record a conversation outside of the courthouse between him and his client’s father.…

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