The Movie ' The Lion King '

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The 1994 Disney film, The Lion King, is the beloved coming of age story about a young lion cub, Simba, who experiences tragedy, becomes lost, but eventually finds his way back to his roots. Perhaps, one of the most memorable scenes is the one where the ghost of his father confronts Simba. Disney used several elements to portray the feeling of being lost, and finding himself again throughout the less than four-minute scene. The use of physical obstacles, scenery, and parallels to Hamlet, scene 19 is one of the most impactful moments in the entire film.
As Simba bolts after Rafiki, he encounters minor obstacles. He has to dodge branches and roots, untangle from the webs of spiders webs, and unknot himself from vines that were holding him back. These minor incidences reinforce the challenge that is about to be placed upon him by Mufasa and Rafiki. Mufasa and Rafiki try and convince Simba that he must go back and take his home over from Scar, but in order to do so he must free his mind from the past. Eventually while doing so, Simba realizes the web of lies Scar told about Mufasa’s death, resulting in the removal of his own guilt. While running he was dodging the roots and branches, just like he was dodging his lineages responsibility. After the discussion with Rafiki, Simba also gets over the past that was keeping him back and tied down away from Pride Rock. The forest is dark and dreary as Simba is running through it. Once through it, he finds himself at a clearing, with a…
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