The Movie ' The Night Dad '

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The ideal family has a father and mother with children living in a home full of happiness. That may be true in a movie but the reality is not every child has both of their parents. The number of incarcerated parents has been rising for years now, so why have teachers brainwashed themselves along with the students, that if you don’t have a father and mother, it is not normal. In the story, The Night Dad Went to Jail by Melissa Higgins, a young rabbit named Sketch, takes the reader through his experiences that happen during and after his father is arrested. Higgins acknowledges that many child are in the same position as Sketch and wants children do know there are books that relation to them. Some parents may have an issue with a child…show more content…
His life has changed with his father being away. The story of Sketch touches on many different aspects of children going through struggles of having a parent or parents in prison. The story should be allowed in library for children to read because there are hundreds of other children just like Sketch.
Educators need to understand that not all children have both parents in their household. There are large groups of kids who have parents in person. From The Night Dad Went to Jail, Higgins presents a statistic that states, “One in every 43 kids in the United States has a mom or dad in prison. Sixty-five percent of men in prison are dads and 75 percent of women in prison are moms”. (Higgins). Clearly, this shows there are more children with incarcerated parents then some people assume. Since the 1980’s, there’s been a steady increase in the amount of people sent tor prison, and there is not a sign of the number of prisoner decreasing. Making this a perfect opportunity to help those children with parent in prison to understand there are other children going to same experience. An easy way to start assisting those children is by having them read a story that is relatable to them and make feel less isolated.
Having a connection with a book and having it be comparable to an event that a child id going through can affect them tremendously.
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