The Movie The Searchers, Little Big Man, And Dances With Wolves Essay

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Throughout world history, it is evident that Native Americans have struggled in society ever since the landing of Christopher Columbus in North America. Ever since the film industry began in the 1890s, Native Americans have been depicted in many negative ways by film makers. One particular way film makers degrade Native Americans by making their white characters convert into Indians or “go Native” and eventually they always become better than the original Indians in the film. This notion has been repeated in many films, three significant films were it is evident is in The Searchers, Little Big Man, and Dances with Wolves. In the film The Searchers directed by John Ford, Ethan is the main character, which hates native Americans to the fullest and goes on an adventure with Martin looking for his niece, Debbie. Debbie was captured by the Comanches when they killed her family and burned their house down. Even though Debbie was white, when Ethan and Martin find her after searching for her for years they find that she has converted into a full Native American. She actually did not want to go back with Ethan and Martin and wanted to stay with her new family. I was confused as to why John Ford made the white female actors rescued from the tribes insane and delirious, however Debbie became a Native American princess about to marry an Indian man. This is demeaning to the Native American audience because being Native American is not a form of religion or group where you can just

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