The Movie The Trailer For Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

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As a granddaughter of a woman who lost her battle to breast cancer last April I realize the emotions that cancer can bring. The constant battle of wanting to scream, cry, deny anything is wrong and then finally accepting the fact. There are days when you want to lock yourself in a room and cry yourself to sleep because that is the only way it seems to deal with situation. But after doing that you need to wipe the tears away and put on a smile because there is a more productive way to be spending your time, making your loved one feel like a human again. When I saw the trailer for Me and Earl and The Dying Girl I immediately a connection with the plot and the characters. Throughout the trailer the filmmakers employ the use of pathos with the verbal, aural and visual aspects to show the viewers the effects of cancer on loved ones.
When looking at just the name of the film it can be made clear that the story is not necessarily about “the dying girl” but rather the people who are surrounding her throughout her battle. After realizing this, it is clear that the movie is not going to follow the tragic love story about a girl with leukemia and her struggle of coping in a relationship. Instead it focuses more on Greg and his own battle of dealing with the fact that one of his close friends has cancer and just as the title suggests, going to pass away. The visual effects help a lot in setting up the stage for this. I think there is a huge significance in Greg being the first person

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