The Movie ' The Yellow Wallpaper ' And The Popular Film `` The Shining ``

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In both the story “The Yellow Wallpaper” and the popular film “The Shining” there is a strong emphasis on isolation and the later onset of madness. How does isolation lead to madness and how does it affect the characters in these stories over time? Also, are both stories comparable with how the onset of madness occurs or do the characters end up crazy from completely different events. In the story “The Yellow Wallpaper” Jane is diagnosed with hysteria, which at the time led to those deemed with this “complication” to undergo the bedrest prescription. Which often did nothing for the person but made them angry over time. While in “The Shining” the character Jack goes mad from the haunted hotel he works at, and previously had a bad drinking…show more content…
(phycology today) They have their contrasts, however a similarity they both illnesses have is that they often have fits of rage and interpersonal violence as a symptom. In “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Jane fits the role of a sociopath due to her disjointed thoughts and paranoia which came as a side effect from her isolation during bedrest. While Jack is not as clear cut, he later acts as a sociopath when he slips back into his bad habits of drinking, and being abusive while also being manipulated by the hotel’s ghosts. Jack sometimes thinks about his actions before he makes them, which puts him in line with being psychopath due to pre-meditation. It is apparent that they both have some form of mental illness that they develop over their respective stories, due to them being completely sane during the introductions of both. What led to Jane’s mental instability was being placed on bedrest due to her being diagnosed with hysteria, which at the time was given to women under immense stress. This “cure” did not actually cure anything. It in fact made these women often go crazy from the isolation they had to endure. Even the author herself was diagnosed with hysteria and put on the bedrest cure. Which is one reason why she wanted to add this aspect into the game. This cure was extremely prominent during the period the story takes place

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