The Movie Theater, Carmike Cinemas, And True Love Essay

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Awkward first dates are the worst. Sometimes though, the outcome can bloom into something more beautiful. The movie theater, Carmike Cinemas, in their Coke Commercial, “Here’s To The Movies, and True Love,” represents that true love can transpire in the most awkward of ways. Carmike Cinemas’ purpose is to convey the idea that true love can happen anywhere, but also portrays a sense of persuasion to encourage these first dates to take place at the movie theater with the purchase of a Coca-Cola. They adopt a romantic tone in order to connect with young lovers or single men and women to encourage their first dates to be at the movie theater. This will lead to true love by night’s end. Carmike Cinemas’ Coke Commercial: “Here’s To The Movies, and True Love” illustrates symbolism, anecdote, and nostalgic flashback to show a view of true love and how it can be a simply blissful first date thanks to Coca-Cola and the movie theater.
Carmike Cinemas begins by using symbolism to demonstrate the disastrous events occurring prior to buying a Coca-Cola and popcorn at the movie theater. Carmike Cinemas narrates, “Did I really ruin your dress?” (Here’s To The Movies). The husband adds, “[...] and the rain wasn’t helping anything” (Here’s To The Movies). He laughs embarrassingly, “I couldn’t get anything to go right” (Here’s To The Movies). Carmike Cinemas uses Coca-Cola as an important product in this couple’s relationship. By using all these components as an example of symbolism, the
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