The Movie Training Day Presents Various Scenarios Of Ethical Issues And Dilemmas

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The movie Training Day presents various scenarios of ethical issues and dilemmas. Denzel Washington plays the role of crooked undercover narcotics detective Alonzo Harris, while Ethan Hawke plays new recruit officer Jake Hoyt, who is fighting to do the right thing. Detective Harris believes in street justice while Hoyt disapproves. He exposes officer Hoyt to many situations where he has to decide if he wants to be a part of the team or stand up for justice. Officer Hoyt will have to use his morals and ethical judgment to help him battle through training day. One dilemma Hoyt is faced with is whether or not to smoke what he believes is marijuana. Harris encourages him that he should and it would make him an effective narcotics agent. “A good narcotics agent should have narcotics in his blood”, said Harris. Hoyt continues to decline the offer. A disappointed Harris stops the car and puts a gun to Hoyt’s head and explained to that if he was a dealer Hoyt would be dead. Harris no longer wants him on the team and tells him to go back to the office. Hoyt finally gives in and smokes the narcotic, which turns out to be PCP. As an officer Hoyt feels a sense of duty to protect and serve his community. Duties stem from the responsibilities that are attached to a specific role. He wants to become a narcotics detective to help fight drugs and keep them off the streets. So, his role as an officer of the law makes him very reluctant to smoke the drugs Harris is presenting him with. A

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