The Movie Vertigo Presents An Image Of Curated Womanhood

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The movie Vertigo presents an image of curated womanhood explicitly constructed by males. Judy is one character that poses as Madeline in order to fulfill a male’s idea of what it means to be female. Madeline and Judy are two polar opposite female characters that are constructed from a male idea of beauty. Madeline is a typical Hitchcockian blonde: well-endowed, breathy voice and beyond reach. She wears heels, formfitting clothing and wears her hair in a tight bun. She also acts suicidal which should be a red flag for Scottie. Yet, men love beautiful woman who are a little unstable, as it inflates their ego to play the role of the savior. Judy is a beautiful and available woman. She is less classy than Madeline and is a realist, while…show more content…
Judy could have developed some body issues or psychological repercussions from playing Madeline and believing men would only love her if she changed herself. Judy is single and obviously loves Scottie, as she eventually becomes complicit in her makeover because Scottie pays attention to her. Judy’s good looks and disobedient attitude made Scottie want to change her even more. Scottie is thrown-off by her strong-willed character. Once Judy succumbs to Scottie’s wishes of playing dress up, the strong-willed Judy gets lost in the airy and compliant character of Madeline. Scottie suffers after his involvement with Madeline/Judy. After his ideal woman Madeline dies, Scottie becomes obsessed with Judy after his dreamlike woman dies. Scottie is trying to cope with Madelines loss and spots Judy and starts to obsess over her like he did with Madeline. It is destructive and unhealthy for his mental health as he pours his heart into dying Judy’s hair the right shade and finding the exact suit Madeline wore. As a director of the Hitchcock/Truffaut documentary said, Scottie is trying to fill his void of losing Madeline by making over Judy. This would affect Gavin’s master plan as well, as Scottie could go to the police with this damning information and the ruse would be over. The women of Vertigo are unstable by the film’s end. Scottie has figured out the ruse, and he takes Judy to where she “died” and subsequently conquers his vertigo. Scottie is

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