The Movie Watched Is A Few Good Men And It Was Obtained At 123movies Essay

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The title of the movie watched is A Few Good Men and it was obtained at Its major characters are Lt. Daniel Kaffee, Lt. Commander JoAnne Galloway, Colonel Nathan R. Jessep, and Lance Corporal Harold Dawson. Five themes that the movie dramatically displayed were how plea deals were done, the respect judges get, the responsibilities of a judge, the responsibilities of a defense attorney, and it also showed very little of what a bailiff does in the courtroom. Over 90% of convictions are from negotiated guilty pleas. They help avoid court and a lot of paperwork lawyers may have to do which gives them more time to focus on cases that are bigger and more serious. In the movie, Captain West stated to Lt. Commander Galloway, “…I’m sure it’ll boil down to a five-minute plea bargain and a week’s worth of paper work.” No one expected the case to make it to court. Plea bargaining does not take place in a court room; it can take place at a restaurant, a game, the lawyers can meet at their houses, and many other places. Lieutenant Kaffee made plea deals while he was playing baseball. Since many cases get plea deals many lawyers do not see the court room often. Forty-four plea bargains were done by Lt. Kaffee in nine months and he had not once seen the inside of a courtroom until the case that takes place in the movie. Even though plea deals have its advantages, problems can arise from it such as the defendants not wanting a deal, one defendant in the movie did not want one,
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