The Movie ' What 's Eating Gilbert Grape ``

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The movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is about a young man torn between taking care of his mentally ill brother, his extremely overweight and depressed mother, providing for his family, and spending time with a new girl in town. Many members of the family suffer from mental disorders, and the movie describes the mental illnesses well and the actual troubles one might face when dealing with them. It also shows what can happen if a mental illness is untreated. The movie shows how normal people view and treat people with mental disorders along with interpersonal challenges of the sufferers. It also shows the real struggle of loved ones caring for someone with mental disabilities and how they may need someone to talk to about the stressors they go through. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a movie about a young man named Gilbert and his family. The movie shows the struggles Gilbert and his family face while taking care of their little brother Arnie who is autistic. During the movie we learn that mental illness runs throughout the family. Gilbert’s father was depressed and committed suicide in the basement of their home. The mother Bonnie never recovered from the death of her husband and has since become morbidly obese and refuses to leave their home. Bonnie has her oldest daughter do all the cooking and cleaning while she sits on the couch. Bonnie got to point was she was barely able to walk and needed assistance with a cane. Bonnie becomes a joke to the town’s people and is
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