The Movie ' When A Man Loves A Woman '

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The movie ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ is a 1994 romantic drama that portrays a married couple where the wife, Alice Green (a school counselor), displays alcohol use abuse (“When a Man Loves a Woman”, n.d.). According to the movie’s Wikipedia page, the main character that displays alcoholism is actress, Meg Ryan and her husband, whom is a pilot, in the movie is actor, Andy Garcia. Together they raised two daughters. One day Alice arrived home really drunk and became violent. Due to that behavior, she managed to fell onto the bathroom floor, and her youngest daughter thought she died. She was admitted to the hospital, where her family confronted her about her drinking problem. So, she agreed with her family to admit into a rehabilitation…show more content…
Substance use disorder is said to be, “repeated use of substances to the point that recurring problems are evident (Kearney & Trull, 2015, p. 251). Alcoholism or also known as alcohol use abuse is an example of such disorder. Alcoholism is a disease that causes craving for drinking, loss of control, physical dependence, and tolerance (U.S National Library of Medicine, 2014). Alcohol which is the most known depressant drug can take a negative toll on a person’s life. It definitely affected Alice’s own. Throughout the movie, many symptoms were seen displayed by her. She is seen entering her home drunk one evening, and after being confronted by her daughter, she became violent by slapping her. She had other symptoms such as impaired control, depression, hurting others and herself, drinking for long periods of time, making excuses for her drinking, guilt, etc. Just like the doctor in the movie, I would diagnose her with alcohol use dependency. Drinking can be due to many factors like genetic, physiological, psychological, and social factors and not everyone is equally affected by each (American Psychological Association [APA], 2016). Just like the textbook mentioned about Elon story, Alice knew her lifestyle was self-destructive, but she reached to a point where she could not control her own drug seeking behavior (Kearney & Trull, 2015, p. 251). Her mental illness was a result of environmental influences. Alice felt really pressured and overwhelmed by her job, raising
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