The Movie ' Who Are Not Lonely Possess A Mindset That Is Unlike That Of Theodore

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Characters in the film who are not lonely possess a mindset that is unlike that of Theodore. Thus, if Theodore’s loneliness causes his detachment from society, his ex-wife Catherine can be considered the opposite. Catherine is a successful author publishing books and traveling across the world. When the former lovers met one more time to sign their divorce papers, Theodore reveals to Catherine that he is dating his operating system. In absolute repugnance, Catherine retorts, “Wait. You’re dating your computer?” Catherine’s diction choice to use “computer” instead of “Samantha” or even “operating system” demonstrates her aversion for a human-computer relationship. Catherine is not in a state of loneliness and does not depend on technology to live her life like Theodore. For that reason, she is the only character in the movie to speak out against Theodore’s relationship. As a result of her comments, Theodore attempts to defend his decision. He replies, “She’s not just a computer. She’s her own person. She doesn’t just do whatever I want.” He attempts to justify Samantha’s existence as more than just solely a programmed computer and more like a self-aware artificial intelligent machine that possesses the full range of human cognitive abilities. However, Samantha is not a human. An online literary review journal argues that “Sam has the capacity to undergo evolution of her identity. In a very real sense, Sam is ‘alive’ ”(Ehrett). But, it is this very ability to evolve herself

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