The Mozart Effect of Boosting IQ

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In the world today people have gain an interest in an easy way in order for them or their family to boost their IQs. It isn’t only families who have gain an interest in this type of information. People who are the most famous at things in which they have done or are trying to do an this people consider themselves as entrepreneurs are going along with this and trying to build up their IQs because they feel it may end up helping them in the long run. This people are the ones who are motivation is the center of this book by Don Campbell called “The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind and Unlock the Creative Spirit”. Music is what has a outstanding result on individuals because they tend to take time to listen to Music, and this people are the ones who possess a high IQ. {With the hypothesis that was given the dependent variable is ‘IQ’ and the independent variable is the one that stands out the most ‘Music’.
Dr. Gordon Shaw, Francis Rauscher and Katherine Ky came up with an ideal in order to take what information was given an test it, so they started what is known as an Experiment. The early testing about what was the effect of music in an individual was started in 1988. This is when another individual by the name of Gordon Shaw who was a neurobiologist, along with a scholar student named Xiaodan Leng, decided they were going to try to model what happens with the brain and its actions over a computer system. They came up with the

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