The Mtbi Test, By Katharine Cook Briggs And Her Daughter Isabel Briggs Myers

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Abstract The MTBI questionnaire, first published in 1943, was originally developed in the United States by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers(The History of the MTBI assessment, 2015). Through Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and his theories about psychological types motivated Myers-Briggs to create the MTBI test. Through interpretation the MTBI test acts as a guideline in determining a subject 's perception of the world and psychological preferences. In this paper the author will explain their own results from the MTBI test and go into greater detail whether or not it accurately depicts their personality. This author will not only describe their personality type but show the strengths and weakness of this particular personality. This author will also explain how employers look at the MTBI test as a valuable tool in selecting great employees. Introduction Trait theory is defined as "The measurement of consistent patterns of habit in an individual 's behavior, thoughts, and emotions. The theory is based on the stability of traits over time, how they differ from other individuals, and how they will influence human behavior" (Trait Theory, 2015). Traits can be considered as what makes a person who they are. Think of how a person would describe a person. For example, this author describes their mother as loving, caring, and dependable, all these words would be considered as a person 's trait. Everybody in the world have a different

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