The Multicultural Self Assessment And Gain An Understanding About The Community

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Journal: Multicultural Awareness The purpose of this paper is to examine oneself by taking the Multicultural-Self Assessment and gain an understanding about the “Other” of oneself based on previous experience. This paper will also cover a type of human development this writer identifies with and how they to relate to the field of mental health counseling. These topics will assist one in connecting with clients from different cultures. Multicultural Self-Assessment The findings of the Multicultural Self-Assessment were not unexpected to me. Nine of the answers were four (4), which is not expected to me due to being taught by my mother and grandmother to not to talk too much and listen to other people. I was also taught to not judge “Others” based on who they are, what they have, or what they say. I avoided judging other people because I did not want to be judged in the same manner. The five questions I answered with a five (5) were not ones I had to think hard about. I do not assume anything in any situation to avoid looking like a donkey. I go out the majority of time to watch people interact with each other and find humor in what is taking place. I like to hear all sides of an issue in order to make a good decision, regardless of outcome. I am mindful of the impact my upbringing and education (In school and out of school) have on my values and beliefs. I am aware of what I say to avoid offending other people. The only question I answered a three (3) was based on my
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