The Multiculturalism of London: Perceptions of Five Authors

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The Multiculturalism of London 1 Executive Summary A different history everywhere one looks at is referred to the melting pot culture of London. One of the most multicultural cities of the world is London. The multiculturalism has become the habit of London as the city has been going for so long. Communities from everywhere in the world is found in London. The dream of many an expat is to live in London. A variety and an enormous number of festivals are hosted by London. Millions of visitors are attracted every year to its multicultural society and flair of the city. People are attracted to London because of its history, its different lifestyles and numerous opportunities, its spirit of entrepreneurialism and adventure and its diverse cultural life and metropolitan flair. People from different ethnic origins and financial backgrounds make up the diverse society of London. The eight million people currently living in London speak more than three hundred languages, which make it up the most linguistically diverse city in the world. All across the society of London, multiculturalism is writ large. One will certainly meet people of different religious faiths and races in London. The popularity and accents of cockney is decreasing as London is becoming increasingly multicultural. The Multicultural London English has become prominent and is sometimes referred to as Jamaican. The fabric of the city is made up by more than two hundred and seventy nationalities. This essay will
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