The Multinational Company Nestle : The Biggest Fmcg Company Of The World

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Introduction: Around the world, due to the globalization of the consumer’s taste and the severe extension of internet, the linkage and interdependency of countries’ economies have been enhanced globally. Politics, economy, culture, technology and social circumstances in different countries are some of the issues that make the international marketing very hard (Hofstede, 2003). The aim of this project is to highlight the issues that occur due to differences of culture and designing and implementation of marketing strategies when organizations are operating in different countries. For this project I have chosen the multinational company Nestle; the biggest FMCG company in the world. Nestle is a well-known company that provide quality of products according to the lifestyle, religious belief, culture and buying power of the consumer. Thus, Nestle is a very interesting company to work on for this project, as their products are suitable to every lifestyle, budget, taste penchant, nutrition requirement and cultural appropriation (NRCCG, 2010). History of Nestle Source: Nestle Website The aim of this assignment is to elaborate how Nestle design, implement and adjust its marketing strategies, policies and techniques to different countries’’ target market globally. For this I have selected the one of the leading Nettle’s chocolate brand KITKAT and its marketing strategies in United Kingdom and Australia. I have selected the KITKAT chocolate because it’s very interesting

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