The Multiplier Online Games ( Mog )

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1. Introduction: Multiplier Online Games (MOG) are one kind of real-time applications. These are developed using either centralized architecture (Client-Server Architecture) also known as traditional architecture or using distributed architecture (Peer to Peer Architecture). Some games are developed using a combination of these two architectures known as Mirrored Server Architecture (Hsu, Ling, Li, & Kuo, 2003). In general, games are two types. One is role based playing games where players role is fixed. Other is real time strategy based games where player’s actions dynamic. The Quake, Galaxy Star Wars, EVE, Warcraft are some examples of multiplayer online games (Merabti & Rhalibi, 2004). For entertainment purpose and for a virtual experience, people are showing greater interest in MOG. In recent years, organizations started to using distributed architecture or Peer to Peer (P-P) architecture for developing MOG due to its robustness, scalability, and flexibility. The well-known traditional client-server architecture has limited scalability and robustness and it requires the high cost to maintain servers when online players are massive (Merabti & Rhalibi, 2004). The MOG requires two kinds of platforms. One is “physical platform” contain hardware and network. Another is “logical platform” focuses on system architecture such as software development for players and hosts according to hardware management. The theme of the logical platform is providing best gaming software with

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