The Murder And Serial Killers

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Okay, so when I was 18 years old, I worked at a department store as an overnight ‘stock boy’. I practically slept during the day and woke up to go to work at night. However, right before heading out to work, I remember watching late night reruns of the shows Forensic Files and Cold Case Files.

I don 't know why but they kept me startled and entertained until I left for work. Since then -- for some odd reason -- I’ve found murderers and serial killers very enthralling. Particularly, from the very start, I became more interested in the motives that caused those high-profile murders, rather than the murderers themselves.

From watching so much Forensic files, I’ve seen all the successful acts of murder and the fails from some of the world’s most notorious killers. So, instead of keeping all this interesting knowledge secluded, I 've decided to splurge out 13 great tips for killing someone and not getting caught. Ready?

ALWAYS use ‘Oxygen’ bleach to clean up evidence of blood. This is the worst enemy of any forensic investigator and a serial killer’s best friend. Interestingly, oxygen bleach is a substance, that once used to clean up blood stains, will not leave any traces of blood or hemoglobin cells. This means, when the investigators whip out the luminol to probe the scene for blood traces, your ass will be covered.
NEVER use a mobile phone. Making a phone call or sending text messages during murder time is a big NO! Nowadays, cell phone data of any kind can be easily
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