The Murder Case Of Stanford White

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In the early 1900s, the murder case of Stanford White would shock the world and would soon be named the “crime of the Century. Stanford White was an up and coming architect during the late 1800’s, he was especially gaining fame in New York City after forming the “Mckee, Mead and White” company with other architects. One of his many accomplishments was the building of the Madison Square Garden Tower in 1890. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, 14 year old Florence (a.k.a. Evelyn) Nesbit was gaining fame as a model after beginning discovered by a local artist. This led her to gain connections to huge modeling companies, all wanting her to pose for them. After collecting some money Florence, her mother and her brother Howard, to New York City in…show more content…
In 1902, Evelyn was introduced to illustrator John Barrymore. They had a blossoming romance that was soon shut down by White and Mrs. Nesbit. Barrymore had even proposed to Evelyn but she rejected him due to his low salary. After her small “relationship” with John Barrymore, she met the rich railroad man known as Harry Thaw. Thaw and White were already rivals so as a way to get back at White he began to pursuing Evelyn by showering her with gifts and money. He proposed to Evelyn multiple times but was rejected because she had been warned by Stanford, of Thaw’s mental conditions and of his drug abuse. Another factor causing her to neglect his proposals was she wouldn’t marry him without confessing her past affair. After Evelyn recovered from a surgery that some believed as an abortion surgery in 1902, Harry invited Mrs. Nesbit and Evelyn on a trip across Europe. Halfway through the trip, Mrs. Nesbit returns back to the U.S., leaving Harry and Evelyn alone in Europe. Harry once again continues to propose to Evelyn but becomes an frusturated as he is rejected once again. When she finally confesses her past sexual affair with White, he blames Mrs. Nesbit for not taking good care of her daughter. While they stayed at a castle in Austria, Harry would physically abuse Evelyn and then apologize right after. When rumors spread that Evelyn and Harry got married in Europe, Thaw’s family was furious at the news and called Harry to return

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