The Murder Committed By Young Women

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Girls Gone Bad With reference to four articles related to murder committed by young women, I will explain why Cohen’s theory of moral panic is not applicable to crimes committed by young women now. Moral Panic is defined as “a condition, person, group of people or episode that has been labelled as a threat to societal values and interests.” Cohen (1973). On March 19 2014, a 16-year old girl named Errandy Gutierrez murdered her former best friend, Anel Baez by stabbing her sixty-five times. The motivation behind her act was that Anel Baez posted naked pictures of Gutierrez on her Facebook account. The murder could only happen due to deception as Gutierrez met up with Baez promising to reconcile, but Gutierrez had the ulterior motive…show more content…
Sevenson and Doyle were both twenty-two years old at the time of the crime. On July 6 2012, sixteen year-old Skylar Neese was murdered by her two close friends, Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy. The two murderers stabbed Neese before hiding the body. Shoaf and Eddy denied knowing what happened to Neese when her disappearance was first reported. Eddy continued tweeting in social media like normal after the crime before confessing to the homicide with Shoaf. Their reason was because they simply "didn 't like her anymore" as said by the killers. Before her death, Neese had tweeted about not being able to trust unidentified individuals. and most of her tweets expressed anger to specific people. On November 2015, 22-year old Ashleigh Wade murdered her childhood best friend Angelikque Sutton by stabbing her after Sutton allowed Wade into her home. Wade then sliced Sutton open and removed the baby from a then pregnant Sutton. When police arrived, Sutton claimed she killed only to defend herself and that the baby was hers, however, the police did not believe her lies and eventually arrested her. Before the crime, Wade and Sutton reconnected via Facebook. The criminal justice officials were depicted as being not easy to fool as even though they were lied to by the perpetrators, it didn 't take them long to figure out something wasn 't right about the perpetrator’s dishonest statements. The police were also quick in arresting the perpetrators, not taking more than a
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